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                发布时间:2019-10-14 17:08来源:国家铁◥路局 字号:TT
                IEC主席 詹姆斯·香农
                ISO主席 约翰·沃尔特
                ITU秘书长 赵厚麟
                  近几十年的创新推动了㊣ 视频质量的巨大飞跃。视频也变得更容易获取,帮助全世●界的人们用生动的、移动的画面分享他们的故事。这些在视〓频的复杂性和可访问性方面的进步都是建立在国际标准之上的。
                  视频是全球网络上运行最多的带宽密集型应用之一。由国际电工委员会(IEC)、国际标准化组织(ISO)和国际▓电联(ITU)联合制定的视频压缩算法标准对于满足业界不断增长的视频需求至关重要,已荣获两项黄Ψ 金时段艾美奖。
                  标准得到世界各国的认可和尊重,意味着无论使用何ζ 种设备,在一台设备上编码的视频均可以被另一台设○备解码。由此带来的规模经济有助于市场增长,给予创新者投资新视频应用和服务的信心。
                  World Standards Day 2019
                  Video standards create a global stage
                Advances in video technology have changed our world, revolutionizing entertainment, connecting friends and families across the globe, enriching our communications experiences and enabling major improvements in medical care and education.
                The innovation of recent decades has driven a huge leap forward in video quality. And video has also become more accessible, helping people worldwide to share their stories in vivid, moving pictures. These gains in both the sophistication and accessibility of video are built on International Standards.
                The video compression algorithms standardized in collaboration by IEC, ISO and ITU have been honoured with two Primetime Emmy Awards, recognizing that these standards are central to industry’s ability to meet rising demand for video, one of the most bandwidth-intensive applications running over global networks.
                International Standards meet industry demand for powerful compression capabilities. They also enable smooth transitions to the next generation of video compression technology, helping industry to maximize return on each wave of investment.
                Having standards recognized and respected all over the world means that video encoded on one device can be decoded by another, regardless of the device being used. This introduces economies of scale that help to grow the market, giving innovators the confidence to invest in new video applications and services.